Get the Look: Ashley Graham

I love Ashley Graham’s red carpet and step out style. I decided to take one of her recent looks and recreate it on a more affordable budget for myself and others who need a nice outfit to wear out on the town. The look I created is under $200, approximately $175. Affordable,right? 

Shoes: $58 – Unique Vintage

Bodycon skirt: $29 -Glamorous

Jacket: $45 -SheIn 

Bralet: $25 -H&M

Choker: $18 – Humble Chic 


Rocking Leather/Faux Leather pants

It’s that time of year where all the leather and faux leather lovers such as myself get to indulge in all of our rockstar glory! I personally love a great fitting pair of faux leather pants because you can wear them with pretty much anything! Because they’re so diverse ,I tend to get away with rocking them in both day and night settings. Here are some of the ways I tend to wear my faux leather looks.

Work place chic Leather is usually frowned upon in the workplace unless you work retail or in the fashion industry,but there are some subtle ways you can get away with it. 

  • Keep it solid and neutral. If you’re going to wear leather,let it be a dark or neutral color that doesn’t draw much attention. Don’t let me catch you attempting to wear red-hot leather pants to work!
  • Keep the style simple. Stick with pants And jackets,with no super complicated details. Avoid cutouts and ripped details that may cause management to give you major side eye due to questionable dress code violations.
  • Keep it work appropriate. Now is not the time to try out your cute and short leather shorts,or your skin tight leather leggings that look painted on. I’m sure you look fabulous but save those for evening or weekend wear,darling. Don’t slay yourself into a work write up .😒

Daytime wear

I’m in love with military style boots, well really just flat boots in general. I like to pair my faux leather leggings during the day with flat boots of any kind. It makes running errands comfy,but still stylish. As far as tops go, I love to mix and match textures while wearing leather/faux leather,so I tend to wear oversized knit sweaters or some type of flowy top. It softens up the leathery look so you don’t look like you’re headed straight for a night club when you’re simply headed for brunch or the grocery store.

I’m modest with leggings so this next tip may or may not go over well for you. I feel that if you’re wearing tights,your butt should be covered. Short tops/tight tops with tights look more like gym attire to me, and draw all attention to your backside instead of the outfit itself. If that’s the attention you want,then it’s all good. I’m just not a big fan of it and tend to look for longer tunic-like tops to rock with mine. Your curves are just as defined with longer tops,you’re just not so “ass out” as I like to say. ☺️

Night Owl Style

Stepping out at night or in the evening is my favorite time to rock leather pants,because you can be as sexy as you wanna be! That’s when I like to pair my pants with a statement heel and really strut my stuff. My signature leather pants look is almost always paired with a blazer. Blazers have the power to make any look more sophisticated,whether you’re dressed up or down. This is the perfect outfit for date night,dinner with family or friends,or a night of dancing with the girls!

How do you rock your leather/faux leather pants? Feel free to send pics to,I’d love to feature you here!