No more feet pain!

This may be the answer to all my high heel prayers ! So I stumbled across this morning and found these cool soles you can put inside of your heels to shift the weight and reduce pain. Hello! 
According to the website, you can wear your heels up to 4x’s longer than you normally would with these bad boys on,and I love the sound of that. In the past two years I’ve stopped wearing all the wonderful heels my closet holds as often. This is because by the time I leave my home and spend an hour or so on my feet, I’m ready to kick off my heels and throw flats or flat boots on. 

I’ve tried soles in the past that are supposed to relieve pain,but they didn’t seem to really do the job. I’m particularly excited about these soles because they were both designed by a podiatrist and invented by a rocket scientist. How dope is that! Another great detail about them is that they also stop your feet from sliding forward in your shoes. 

I just made my purchase. Can’t wait to try them out and tell you all about in a week or so! 

Sidenote: 2% of every sale goes to organizations Dress for Success and Women’s Bean Project 💕


Love it! : Babaton for Aritzia blouse 

I’m loving this blouse from the Babaton for Aritzia collection! From the color to the details,this blouse is hot! I love the plunge neckline paired with minimalist colors and style. This blouse is great for day to night transition, and is a very conservative, yet sexy look. 

This color is so flattering on all skin tones,especially this model’s skin. This top also comes in a light khaki color. 

The blouse is originally $110 but it’s on sale right now online for $54.99. What do you think? Hot or not? 

Glitter alert!!! Who doesn’t love glitter and bedazzled stuff? 

So I just ran across a website online that makes my soul happy! There this shop called The Gypsy Shrine where you can buy glitters and bling to bedazzle the heck out of yourself, turning your free spirit into art! I can’t tell you how much this warms this gypsy heart of mine! 

Not only can you get bedazzled and glittered out at festivals where they set up tents, but you can also buy your own sets of glitter and bling online at very decent prices. 

Would it be awkward of me to walk around as a glitter goddess everyday? Because this site definitely makes me want to! 

Rock it or Knock it?: Navy Blue/Black color combos

A lot of people are hesitant to wear navy blue and black together as a color scheme because of how dark both colors are. However, I love how the two colors look together, and have come up with a few outfit ideas for those of you that may be struggling with figuring out how you’d rock this color scheme.

I put together three looks that I feel can take you from day to night effortlessly. These looks aren’t over complicated, the pieces are minimal, and I personally think the looks rock. What do you think? 

Trend: Adorned shoes

Everyone loves a pair of statements heels,so I’m sure most of you will be pleased to know that adorned shoes are definitely the “thing” this year! Nothing like a sexy pair of heels that can hold their own with any outfit💪🏾. 

While shopping Neiman Marcus the other day I was scrolling for adorned footwear to add to my shoe collection and came across these beauties:

Jimmy Choo never disappoints. I’m in love with everything about this show from the beautiful colors appropriate for all seasons, to the small,studded details all over the shoe. And we know how comfy Jimmy Choos are,which is a great plus!

These metallic sandals are everything! I love the blunted out detail that goes across the top of the foot, dressing the sandal up from the typical strapped style. I also like the ankle ties because they tend to make everyone’s legs look a little longer and toned. 

Can you say gorgeous! This glittery ombré look is just perfect for Fall and Winter nights,and would totally rock the heck out of your little black dress. I believe these will be in my shopping cart really soon🤗!

I love everything about these sandals. The straps are placed in flattering areas of the foot, the jeweled adornment is beautiful,and the contrasting print of the actual shoe makes for a great abstract print,statement sandal. I could see these being rocked during Spring and Summer with a cute pair of skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt with a lighter color. 

There’s something about sparkly heels that make me happy. They can be worn with so many different outfits. This pair of heels could dress up a simple tee and skinnies, or it can jazz up a classic black pantsuit or jumpsuit. I love that these heels are great day -to-night transition heels also. 

Which ones do you like best? 

Best dressed at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards

To me, the Golden Globes always have the best red carpet,hands down. Tonight was no different. I was so in love with some of the breath taking gowns that graced the red carpet! Here are some of my fave looks,some of which I’ll break down later! :

What were your fave looks from tonight? There are still so many more gowns I wanted to add because the red carpet was on fire! 

Saaaaaale! Top 6 Torrid B/W Picks (and my future purchases) 

Sooooo Torrid is currently having a buy one get one free sale, and who doesn’t love a little BOGO ? *Fist pump for 5 seconds* I came across this lovely black and white sale and I’m super excited about purchasing these pieces to add to my already out of control collection of black & white clothing. 

This peplum top is gorgeous and definitely flattering for the waistline. I love that there’s splashes of mint green placed throughout the top to add a little soft color. This will look great with a pencil skirt or jeans.

I love the layered illusion of this top. It’s both work appropriate and can be glammed up for a dinner date. I also like that it’s sleeveless,which makes it light  enough to wear  alone in warmer weather, or easily paired with a jacket or blazer during the colder seasons. 

Striped leggings are hit and miss for me. I love seeing them on other people,but I’ve never actually left the house in my own pairs. However,because of this great BOGO situation,I’ll be purchasing these to rock with a new black tunic I just recently purchased, and my tall,flat boots. 

While this swimsuit is a tad bit pricey, I love the detail and color scheme paired together! I feel like this swimsuit would definitely play up my curves in a sexy way while still minimizing some of my trouble areas with an eye catching design. 

I absolutely loooooove this top! Off the shoulder tops are definitely a big hit this year,and I’m loving it. This off shoulder peplum top is so timeless to me,and can be rocked in so many different ways. This may be my top pick out of my 10 top picks of the black and white sale.

I shouldn’t be buying another black skirt,but you can never have enough solid colored tulle skirts. Besides, I think the two I have at home may be too big these days…(yes I’m justifying this purchase.)

Rocking Leather/Faux Leather pants

It’s that time of year where all the leather and faux leather lovers such as myself get to indulge in all of our rockstar glory! I personally love a great fitting pair of faux leather pants because you can wear them with pretty much anything! Because they’re so diverse ,I tend to get away with rocking them in both day and night settings. Here are some of the ways I tend to wear my faux leather looks.

Work place chic Leather is usually frowned upon in the workplace unless you work retail or in the fashion industry,but there are some subtle ways you can get away with it. 

  • Keep it solid and neutral. If you’re going to wear leather,let it be a dark or neutral color that doesn’t draw much attention. Don’t let me catch you attempting to wear red-hot leather pants to work!
  • Keep the style simple. Stick with pants And jackets,with no super complicated details. Avoid cutouts and ripped details that may cause management to give you major side eye due to questionable dress code violations.
  • Keep it work appropriate. Now is not the time to try out your cute and short leather shorts,or your skin tight leather leggings that look painted on. I’m sure you look fabulous but save those for evening or weekend wear,darling. Don’t slay yourself into a work write up .😒

Daytime wear

I’m in love with military style boots, well really just flat boots in general. I like to pair my faux leather leggings during the day with flat boots of any kind. It makes running errands comfy,but still stylish. As far as tops go, I love to mix and match textures while wearing leather/faux leather,so I tend to wear oversized knit sweaters or some type of flowy top. It softens up the leathery look so you don’t look like you’re headed straight for a night club when you’re simply headed for brunch or the grocery store.

I’m modest with leggings so this next tip may or may not go over well for you. I feel that if you’re wearing tights,your butt should be covered. Short tops/tight tops with tights look more like gym attire to me, and draw all attention to your backside instead of the outfit itself. If that’s the attention you want,then it’s all good. I’m just not a big fan of it and tend to look for longer tunic-like tops to rock with mine. Your curves are just as defined with longer tops,you’re just not so “ass out” as I like to say. ☺️

Night Owl Style

Stepping out at night or in the evening is my favorite time to rock leather pants,because you can be as sexy as you wanna be! That’s when I like to pair my pants with a statement heel and really strut my stuff. My signature leather pants look is almost always paired with a blazer. Blazers have the power to make any look more sophisticated,whether you’re dressed up or down. This is the perfect outfit for date night,dinner with family or friends,or a night of dancing with the girls!

How do you rock your leather/faux leather pants? Feel free to send pics to,I’d love to feature you here!